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Weir & Sons facade cleaning
Weirs completed facade
Acol slate roof repairs at Weir & Sons
Bangor slates and flashing
Acol scaffolding
Weir & Sons, Grafton Street View


Acol facade restoration for iconic Dublin jewellery store

Client: Weir & Sons, Grafton Street, Dublin


  • Chemical brick clean and repoint brickwork
  • Restore timber sash and metal windows
  • Refurbish pitched and flat roofs
  • Install copper flashing

The work

Acol Ltd was contracted by prominent Grafton Street jewellery store Weir & Sons to clean and repoint all exterior brickwork; repair and restore timber sash and steel windows; and refurbish slate pitched roofs and install new flat roof membranes.

The five-storey Weir & Sons building footprint comprises four former houses on Grafton Street and three on Wicklow Street. Six of the buildings are 19th century with another added in the 1950s.

After erecting scaffolding, the team sealed the site to protect the public and customers during stone cleaning and put in place extensive security measures in conjunction with Weir’s security team.

Brick cleaning

The chemical brick clean – using Tensid brick cleaning products – took two months to complete. Much of this work was carried out in the early evenings to facilitate pedestrian traffic. Due to the varying conditions of the red brick on the different buildings repointing of the bricks comprised a combination of wigging and flush pointing. After raking out, wigging pointing was employed on brickwork in poorer condition, while less damaged brickwork was flush pointed.

Window restoration and roof renovation

Much of the window restoration was completed onsite, with a small number of windows temporarily removed for off site restoration. Prior to beginning work, the Acol team noted that a previous renovation had resulted in roofs being finished with a bitumen coating. Bitumen also covered much of the flashing. The team first removed all bitumen from the roofs. Then it rebuilt the flat roofs with an insulation layer, vapour control layer and finished with a Paralon membrane. Pitched roofs were stripped, insulated and finished with Bangor Blue slates. All valleys and flashing were refitted in copper.

Overcoming challenges

Acol CEO Dermot Collier says of the job: “ We were delighted to get the opportunity to work on this iconic building. I was concerned that we did not impede traffic movement below or negatively impact on the client’s business. We achieved this by taking deliveries early in the morning and carrying out much of the brick cleaning in the evening when streets were less busy. The support of our suppliers, and a coordinated work effort by the many trades on-site ensured the successful and timely delivery of the project.

“Also, the building footprint of seven original buildings that were built at different times and to differing standards set us the challenge of matching all the sections. By combining wigging and flush pointing, our skilled traditional craftsmen unified the different sections of the famous jewellery store with absolute precision.”

The Project Team
 for Weir & Sons

Project manager: Val O Brien & Associates Chartered Surveyors

Main contractor: Acol  ltd

Roofing: Select Roofing


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