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Facade clean & restoration


Dental Hospital Facade Repair

Project: Dublin Dental University Hospital, Dublin 2


  • Façade repair, cleaning & repointing (Wigging)


The work

In the late ’90s, the Dublin Dental University Hospital was renewed through a series of award-winning architectural interventions by designed by McCullagh Mulvin Architects. The work that was carried out enabled  College management to re-establish the College as a leading, modern European Dental College.

More recently Acol Ltd were delighted when we were contracted far a facade repair project on the building. The work required the team to carry out repair, cleaning and repointing work on the building’s familiar red brick façade.

On this project, the brick work required some repair and substantial cleaning. The building is on Lincoln Place, one of Dublin city Centre’s busier streets, so heavy traffic over the years would have impacted on the facade’s appearance.

Once the Acol craftsmen complected facade repair, they set about repointing the brickwork. For this, they employed a wigging technique to clearly define brickwork and mortar.

Wigging, an Irish style of English tuck pointing, is a pointing technique evident on many of Dublin City Centre’s older buildings. For wigging, the ribbon and stopping material between bricks are a homogenous material formed in single application. A colour mortar ‘the wigging’ is applied over this to give definition to the ribbon. Finally, a unifying ‘colour washing’ of façade brickwork is applied. Acol is the foremost expert in wigging in Ireland as a result of having employed the process on a number of major Irish buildings in recent years.

The Project Team

Architect: Neil MCCullagah, McCullagh Mulvin Architects

Restoration Contractor: Acol Ltd