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Georgian House Facade Restoration

Client: Hamilton House, Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin

  • Rake out and repoint brickwork
  • Stone repair
  • Replace chimney pots
  • Repoint and rehaunch chimneys
  • Clean and repaint wrought iron work
  • Restore & repaint sash windows


The work

Georgian House Facade Restoration
Brickwork cleaned and repointed

A Georgian House Facade Restoration carried out by acol ltd required the full mix of skills of our master craftsmen to restore this magnificent facade to mint condition.

Located on the corner of Leeson Street and Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Hamilton House Business Centre is a landmark Georgian building, which was designed by the 19th century architects Woodward & Deane. The builders constructed the house in yellow brick with contrasting red brick window surrounds and red-brick cruciforms on its Leeson Street aspect. The building also has a distinctive Gothic-style family church with stone window. This was added at a later date to the original construction.

The major challenge of this Georgian house facade restoration was raking out concrete mortar previously used to repoint the building. Hard concrete pointing resulted in extensive damage to masonry as it trapped moisture and salts over time. Consequently, it was difficult to conserve bricks.

Removing the hard concrete from between the soft brick and saving the bricks proved a slow and delicate process. Once completed, and after chemically cleaning the brickwork, the crew then tuck-pointed the building with a sympathetic lime mortar mix.

Georgian House Facade Restoration
Hamilton House features Gothic family church with ACOL repaired and cleaned stonework

As lime mortar is breathable, it therefore evaporates moisture from surrounding masonry. Consequently, there is less risk of salt and frost damage as result of this. In addition, lime mortar is also very flexible allowing for movement and thermal expansion.

Elsewhere, the team cleaned and repointed brickwork on chimneys. They rehaunched each chimney, with pots replaced where needed. In addition, the team carried out stone cleaning and repairs to the front entrance and old church building window surrounds.


Acol CEO Dermot Collier says: “Hamilton House is a fine example of Georgian architecture and a strong presence on the corner of Fitzwilliam Place and Leeson Street. Our craftsmen have done a magnificent Georgian house facade restoration and revived the building under the direction of conservation architect Ann Lavin and QS Bruce Shaw. Although a slow process, the raking out and repointing of the masonry was a huge success. In conclusion, I was also delighted to be able to meet the client’s deadline by only being onsite for six months.”

Project Team on Hamilton House

Quantity Surveyor: Bruce Shaw, Bruce Shaw Partnership

Main Contractor: Acol Ltd

Conservation Architect: Ann Lavin, Lavin Architects


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