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Roofing repairs

acol ltd’s complete roofing repairs service covers patch repairs on listed buildings to full roofing refits including valleys, gutters and fascia.

Following survey of a project, acol will make recommendations on the most cost effective roofing repairs solution for each client.

On each roofing project acol aims to repair rather than replace roofing materials. However, if materials have to be replaced, our experts will source and match exact material replacements. We even source slate from the same quarries as the original slate on the building.


Our metal craftsmen will replace copper flashing and all building fascia with matching material. Consequently, we restore your building to its original condition or greatly improve the character of the building.

acol uses the latest building materials when possible. As a result, we seamlessly install breather membranes and sheepswool insulation beneath new roofing systems to improve building performance.

acol has re-roofed numerous building types from small homes and city centre shops to listed Georgian houses, offices, churches and university and hospital buildings.

roofing repairs

For examples of our roofing restoration work please visit our Portfolio page.
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