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An effective concrete repairs solution

acol ltd provides a comprehensive range of concrete repairs and remediation solutions for all types of concrete structures.

Concrete repairs can be required due to a number of factors. For instance, weathering can cause a structure to lose its structural integrity over time. A negative chemical reaction can also affect structural integrity. Alternatively, vibrations or even an impact could cause serious problems for the structural integrity of a structure.

Before carrying out any concrete repairs, acol ltd surveys the structure. Then, we provide clients with a comprehensive report recommending how best to proceed with required works.

acol utilizes the latest procedures in concrete repair and protection as well as the best of traditional building crafts and materials to achieve the ideal solution on each project.

Causes for loss of structural integrity

Concrete can lose its structural integrity over time due to weathering, chemical reactions, vibration, or even impacts. Freezing and thawing or salt and erosion will all impact negatively on structural integrity over time. Mechanical defects such as chemical exposure or deterioration due to alkali aggregate can also cause structural integrity to degrade.

The repair of a damaged structure might only involve the removal and replacement of a section of damaged concrete. We might also only need to treat a corroded reinforced section with appropriate materials to restore integrity. Sometimes the solution may not be as invasive as you might anticipate. So, once our surveyors have have completed their work we can then provide a clear and decisive recommendations for action.

If you have a concrete repair problem that needs urgent attention, call us now on 018250171 and our experts will survey the problem area before offering effective solutions to remedy the situation.

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