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Structural repairs by acol

Structural repairs by acol ltd cover a wide range of non- and minimal-intrusive structural repair and building stabilization solutions. Consequently, the solutions we provide address most structural problems including:

Structural repairs
Structural repair using Cathodic Protection
  • Cracked or compromised masonry
  • Bowing walls
  • Failed structural elements
  • Partial collapses
  • Steel support repairs and
  • Reroofing

Therefore, acol’s extensive range of cost effective mostly non-intrusive structural solutions include:

  • Steel reinforcement replacement
  • Steel treatment
  • Cathodic protection
  • Concrete repairs
  • Roofing repairs
  • Rebuilding

First of all, acol has an impressive track record of devising and executing structural and stabilization solutions for historical buildings. Furthermore, we work closely with conservation and construction professionals to devise and execute cost effective structural solutions that ultimately restore and reinstate the integrity of historical buildings. Consequently, we have carried out structural repair works on churches, castles, Georgian and Victorian houses Government and commercial buildings. Most noteworthy, a central tenet our work is to maintain what is in place. As a result of this, we minimize the need for replacement. However, if replacement is required, our track record of sourcing matching materials, no matter how rare, means we are ideally placed to source materials that fit seamlessly into any building.


First of all, we offer a full range of structural repair services to architects, structural engineers, the general public, property management companies and main contractors. In addition, we also provide in-depth structural survey service, and can advise on all repair techniques including traditional as well as appropriate modern repair solutions. Hence, acol ltd has built our reputation by being able to move quickly and provide high quality, efficient structural repair and protection services. Consequently, our vast experience and professional workmanship ensures the structural security and stability of all structure types.

In conclusion, in cases of emergency we will quickly mobilise our complete team to put in place extensive structural supports for any structure type. Phone now on 018250171 for details

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