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Stone Cleaning by acol ltd

Stone cleaning and sealing services provided by acol ensure that your building, structure or monuments stone will maintained its integrity. And, if your structure is attacked with graffiti or paint, we will react quickly to remove the offending material.

acol ltd has accumulated vast experience of the past 30 years in dealing with restoration and conservation of some of Ireland’s best known buildings. In that time we have also become expert at cleaning of forms of stone buildings, structures and monuments.

Over time many different factors can impact on stone. Pollutants such as airborne particles, gaseous pollutants and even organic aerosols from industrial or vehicular emissions impact on appearance. Biological factors such as algae, fungi, bacteria and lichen can cause deterioration in appearance. And, non-biological soiling can come from paint or graffiti attack. Not only can this affect the appearance of stone, it may cause stone to deteriorate or decay. That is why it is important that building managers include stone cleaning as part of your building’s or structure’s Preventative Maintenance Programme.

acol stone cleaning techniques

acol employs only the most sympathetic of stone cleaning techniques on all our projects.

Our practice is to conduct a site survey first before submitting recommendations. We also provide Method Statements for all works. However, where an emergency response is required as in the case of a graffiti or paint attack, we mobilise quickly to address the problem at hand.

acol uses the most sympathetic cleaning methods possible, so stone is not damaged in any way as a result of the cleaning. Unfortunately, this is too often the case when unscrupulous or inexperienced contractors use unsuitable cleaning methods.

For surface dirt, we use low pressure water cleaning. However, for more ingrained dirt We employ mist cleaning. The mist cleaning method uses the minimum amount of water for the minimum duration to soften the dirt, thereby enabling its easy removal. This also avoids saturation of masonry, thus avoiding potential damage to the wall or other features attached to the wall.

Torik Cleaning System by Tensid UK

One system we use on a regular basis is the Torik Cleaning System by Tensid UK. TORIK’s controllable stream of high pressure superheated water and steam quickly removes grime, moss, algae, fungi and many other types of soiling. This system can also be adapted for the fast removal of paint.

However, while the Torik Cleaning system is highly efficient and effective, it may not be suitable for all jobs. Therefore, we survey each job before making recommendation of the most suitable stone cleaning solution.

acol stone cleaning team

Our professional team are efficient, respectful and courteous at all times, and work to minimise disruption to clients. Their work practices protect all areas surrounding the site and minimise impact to the general public around project sites.

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