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Effective paint stripping by Acol

Paint stripping
Paint removal
Paint stripping or paint removal carried out by Acol Special Restoration is fast, efficient and sympathetic to building surfaces and the environment
Acol's team of paint removal technicians work quickly to remove all traces of paint from surfaces, and to ensure the least inconvenience to clients.Whether you are a building owner, tenant or household owner we work to ensure there is minimal disruption to your business or home at throughout the work. We also work to minimise any impact on the surrounding area.

How it works

An Acol technician visits the site to assess the work to be carried out. They make recommendations with timelines for the work to be carried out before finalising the work with the client.
All work is sympathetically carried out on the project building and with the surrounding environment in mind.  Acol's paint stripping process effectively removes all paint from any brick or stonework and restores buildings and building elements to their original glory. Acol  achieves by by first breaking the bond between paint and  surface, and then lifting the paint. If brick repointing work is required, this can also be carried out by Acol team members.
The process causes no damage to brick or stonework, and rejuvenates the building surface leaving it clean and fresh, while also adding value to the property.


Acol sympathetic paint removal process

The Acol paint stripping process uses solvents, and is carried out in four steps:
  • Wetting of the surface
  • Penetration of the solvent by diffusion
  • Interaction between the polymer chains
  • Lifting the paint film, repairs and repointing


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