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Mist Blasting

Mist Blasting





Mist blasting is a very effective, sympathetic form of cleaning a range of surfaces including historical monuments, statues and various brick and stone surfaces.

Acol Ltd's mist blasting technique is a variant of compressed air pressure blasting. We use compressed air as a conveyor with blasting material suited to the substrate. With small, variable amounts of water, a fine mist is created to bind dust. Blasting pressure, blasting material and the amount of mist are sympathetically selected to correspond with the object, substrate and surrounding environment.

The advantages of this procedure are the low moisture load on the facade and the high but not aggressive cleaning effect. The practically dry blasting material, which is left over, can usually be disposed of as building rubble. In building site practice it has also proved to be an advantage as power and water connections are not necessary. It also a very clean process resulting in zero disruption to surrounding buildings as there is minimal dust created by the procedure.

Our mist blasting facility is a compact piece of equipment that meets the requirements for cleaning in the field of monument preservation.

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