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Graffiti removal

acol's Rapid Response graffiti removal service not only responds at all times to meet clients' needs, but also provides anti graffiti protective solutions that ensure you can keep all your facades clear of graffiti. Our advanced anti-graffiti protective coatings ensure a simple, cost effective maintenance programme.

Surfaces most likely to be attacked
Porous surfaces: Brick, stone, concrete
Hard surfaces: Metal, plastic, polycarbonate, painted surfaces

acol has a full range of advanced products to cope with different surfaces and graffiti. Consequently, when you call us, our Rapid Response team react quickly, address the problem, and most of all minimize inconvenience to clients. Alternatively, if your building has a surface you want to preemptively protect, we will move quickly to remove the risk.

There are two types of anti-graffiti coatings:


Firstly, we remove the graffiti and then we protect the surface against further attacks by applying a water-based, environmentally-friendly anti-graffiti impregnation. Most noteworthy, this creates an inherent sacrificial and breathable layer.


Alternatively, on suitable surfaces, firstly, acol technicians apply a permanent anti-graffiti coating. Then, this forms an impermeable barrier to graffiti. Consequently, this can be easily cleaned.

In conclusion, If your premises has been attacked with graffiti and you need immediate action, call us now on 018250171 and we will respond rapidly to deal with the problem.

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