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Stone Pointing by acol ltd

Stone pointing and stone repointing is a key service that acol ltd provides.

Many factors can impact on external and internal stonework. Weathering takes a major toll on the condition of all external masonry work, new and old. It is important for building managers to include masonry maintenance as part of their overall Preplanned Maintenance Programmes. Stonework or brickwork that is not checked can deteriorate at a rapid rate.

acol ltd offers a specialised range of stone work restoration services that include inspection, structural repairs and stone repointing. We work with limestone, sandstone and all stone types on houses, outside walls and paths. Our full stone masonry service includes wall repairs and stone replacement and stone pointing with lime mortar, and stone sealing.

Natural decay can result from exposure to the elements, particularly in soft stones such as limestone and sandstone. It can also result form poor workmanship, such as incorrectly bedded stone. Some stone can just be of inferior quality and need matching and replacing.

As part of your building’s or structure’s Preplanned Maintenance Programme you should check for signs of dampness or decay in stonework. And although in some instances tempting, we strongly advise that you do not paint decayed stonework to attain a quick fix. This will only exacerbate the problem. Please give us a call on 018250171, only if it is to ask for a bit of advice.

Stone pointing techniques

acol uses a variety of stone pointing techniques. These include flush and brush pointing, wigging tuck and pennystruck pointing. On surveying a site we will make recommendations on which is best for the structure, as well as provide method Statements for the work. If we find stonework to be beyond repair, we will match and replace the deteriorated pieces.

For advice or a quotation about stone wall, stone monument or stone path restoration or repair, contact acol today on 018250171.

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