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Stone & Brick Matchingacol ltd offers a complete Stone & Brick Matching service for all brick and stone types.

acol ltd works with architects, engineers and building owners. We provide custom Stone and Brick Matching solutions for the precise restoration of historical building.

In centuries past, builders tended to use locally sourced stone and bricks in the construction of historical Irish buildings. During the 18th and 19th centuries brick became the construction material of choice for buildings in Dublin and along the Irish coast. Inland, builders more commonly combined bricks with stone.

However, over the years bricks weather. They can also be seriously damaged if badly pointed or repointed with hard materials such as concrete. This traps water, which freezes, causing brick and stonework to crack. acol recommends and uses a soft lime mortar mix for all repointing.

When bricks can not be repaired, our  approach is to first try and source authentic antique reclaimed brick to match existing structures. If this is not possible, we replicate the stone or brick and match it precisely with the existing building fabric.

We can replicate and match any stone or brick, regardless of the profile or material, with materials of the highest quality. In fact, we are proud to say that we offer a total stone and brick solution package to our clients.

We also remould and replace architectural features. In our work on the Shelbourne Hotel we restored or remoulded over 500 architectural facade features.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the precise stone or brick match and  you have been told it couldn’t be achieved, Call acol now, and we will find a solution.

Stone & Brick Matching

  • In-situ reconstituted stone repairs
  • Natural stone cladding fixing
  • Hand carving to natural stone
  • Remoulding of architectural features
  • Remoulding of reconstituted stone profiles and projections
  • Stone Preservation

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