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Health & Safety on Acol sites

Health & Safety

Acol Ltd takes Health & Safety on our sites very seriously, and we expect the same from all of our staff and subcontractors.

Acol Ltd is committed to providing a safe place to work for all our staff and sub contractors. To this end everyone on an Acol site is inducted to think Safety in all they do and and see done on site. While we accept that accidents can occur, we take every precaution to limit the possibility of accidents occurring on Acol sites. Everyone on the Acol workforce and site keeps safety foremost in their mind. Whether working on rooftops, facades, internally or in our site workshops; safety always comes first.

Every Acol site has a Site Safety Plan in place and is well planned with defined work spaces and clear signage. All work areas, walkways and scaffolding are kept clear.

All staff are SafePass certified and are inducted before they start work on an Acol site to be fully cognisant of our safety processes. We also hold regular Toolbox Talks.

Most importantly, we expect all of our site staff to keep their safety, the safety of their workmates and the Health & Safety of the general public foremost at all times.


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